2015-2016: Deborah Gianoulis, President & CEO, Fred Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership

Deborah Gianoulis

A long-time friend of education, Deborah Gianoulis served the northeast Florida community as a news anchor for local TV station Ch. 4. She regularly reported on education matters as part of her job, but could be counted on to report the celebrations as well as the challenges.

Later in her career, Deborah was a founder of Save Duval Schools which was created to activate Duval's parents, students, and educators in a quest to stop the severe budget cuts to school funding in Duval County by the Florida Legislature.

In recent years, Deborah has been in the role of President & CEO of the Schultz Center where she has supported the work of the Duval County Reading Council and other programs and initiatives that provide professional develop in the field of literacy to northeast Florida teachers.

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